Intern Feature Friday | Dongyang Hu

I started my journey in the United States when I came to Orlando at the age of 15. Within my encounter with numerous people and cultures, I discovered the great diversity and warm hospitality this country has. Although my friends and I did not share a common cultural background or first language, I made some of my best friends during this time.

Once I graduated from high school, it was time to choose my next destination in my journey, and I was struck with both excitement and sorrow. Among the many attractive cities, I was drawn to Nashville for its rich history in music, booming growth, and dynamics. I am currently majoring in Engineering Science and Mathematics with minors in Engineering Management and Economics at Vanderbilt University. I want to work as a consultant in the near future. Through my exposure to Hytch’s solutions to local traffic and participation in its growing phase, I am gaining valuable working experience and improving my problem-solving ability to help me ultimately reach the goals in my future career.

During my stay in Nashville, I have come to appreciate what the city has to offer such as its downtown, restaurants, and parks. However, I quickly learned that traffic was a significant issue for Nashville. When I heard about Hytch and its vision to alleviate traffic congestion through carpooling, I wanted to participate in the change that would improve everyone’s experience of Nashville.

Undoubtedly, Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. With the influx of people, the city is witnessing a large growth in businesses, expansion of infrastructures, and urban development. Consequentially, the increased flow of traffic can leave you stuck on the road especially during rush hours. Hytch seeks to resolve this by promoting carpooling among people with a common travel route, and I am very enthusiastic for the future of Nashville. I cannot wait to see Hytch facilitate the connection between the people and the city.

Hytchin' or Ditchin' the Paris Climate Agreement

Over the past few weeks, the Paris Agreement has been a topic plaguing the headlines.  As you may have seen on the news, President Trump has withdrawn the United States from this pact in hopes of a negotiation.  He believes that the pact is fiscally prejudice to the United States.  But, what does this really mean? Below is a breakdown of the accord, provided during COP 21, when the Paris climate accord was first presented.

Hytchin' on to Megan Barry's - Opportunity NOW

Hytchin' on to Megan Barry's - Opportunity NOW

This past Thursday, Hytch partners attended the Nashville Technology Council's 8th Annual Award Show where Mayor Megan Barry spoke as the keynote speaker. Per usual our Mayor gave an engaging and inspiring speech, acknowledging all of the amazing accomplishments our businesses are achieving every day.

#ReclaimTheLane | An Exposé into the H.O.V Lane

#ReclaimTheLane | An Exposé into the H.O.V Lane

If you have any experience at all driving throughout Nashville you have seen our H.O.V (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes. H.O.V lanes have been in use in the state of Tennessee since 1993. H.O.V lanes were instituted, "to promote ridesharing in order to reduce congestion on urban interstates. The central concept for H.O.V lanes is to move more people rather than more cars." as stated by the Tennessee Department of Transportation. 

Hytch Fall 2016 Internship Program

Hytch recognized the necessity for a high level of community engagement and made the strategic decision to create alliances with institutions throughout the Nashville and Middle TN by recruiting young, bright and eager to learn students.