Intern Feature Friday | Ryan Lemp


My name is Ryan Lemp, a senior Business major at Belmont University from Northern Virginia. I am currently interning with Hytch, looking to gain the necessary tools and experiences to further my career, which will hopefully involve traveling the world with the Foreign Service or hunkering down in my new home of Nashville, working on business development.

It has been almost a month into the semester and I have already learned the challenges and rewards accompanied by developing and marketing a new app. It requires a very adaptive and flexible team to manage the ebbs and flows of ever changing markets, difficult technology, and customer relations, but the team here is very much up to the task.

Despite early commonplace technical glitches, the app itself is standing strong on two feet, with so much more room to grow. It is incredibly easy to set-up a profile, and the interface makes navigating a breeze. A great new feature is also the ability to scan a credit/debit card with the camera, which saves everyone time. As new updates are built and released in the future, Hytch will grow and will help reshape carpooling in the Middle Tennessee area for good. Its possibilities are endless, and by partnering with local businesses small and large, as well as with local government, Hytch can truly make a difference to combat traffic and rising emissions.