Intern Feature Friday | Matt McConnell

My name is Matt McConnell and I am an intern at Hytch this spring semester. I am studying Business Administration at Belmont University and will be graduating in May of 2017. By working with Hytch, I hope to both gain a lot of skills applicable to life after graduation, while also helping a company that is working for the betterment of Nashville. Having lived in the Nashville area for the last 13 years, as well as going to college here, you could say I have a considerable investment in this incredible city. As great as this city is, being from here, especially for as long as I have, has allowed me to have an even better understanding of how much the city has grown in recent years and the effect that it has had on the area. While in many aspects the growth is great, we all know the ever-looming problem we face that is traffic and congestion. Even being with Hytch for around six weeks, it has been a wonderful experience being able to help create a way to alleviate the traffic that has plagued Nashville over the past few years.

Having a kind of behind the scenes perspective on the app and just Nashville transportation, in general, has been a very eye-opening experience for me. Dealing with the problems that come with marketing a new mobile app is always interesting, as each week there’s something new. It requires a very flexible schedule and a wide range of capabilities to always be on your feet and deal with whatever needs to happen to deal with a task. It has allowed me to improve on many different skills ranging from time efficiency to research to communication. Hytch is doing good things for Nashville and I am excited to be a part of it to see where we go next.