Health Costs And Concerns Related to Transportation

Work is where we spend most of our time. For most of us, it is a third of each day, 5 days a week. One work-related concern among the population is stress. 73 percent of employees say they have psychological symptoms caused by stress and 77 percent have physical symptoms caused by stress. Employers spend about 300 billion dollars in health care costs and missed work days as a result of workplace stress.

There are many causes of stress from work, transportation being one of them.  Since the 1950’s, automobiles have become the more prominent way to get to work. Furthermore, suburban areas have grown, making them further away from public transit. People who live in suburban areas are even more reliant on cars to get them to and from work. Suburban growth made traffic to and from urban areas increase significantly. In 2007, over 80% of U.S. employees drove to work and in 2008, an average employee would drive 10,000 miles annually.

Our dependence on personal vehicles has tremendously increased health concerns. For example, there is an increase in air pollution and traffic accidents due to the amount of traffic and congestion. Health costs related to air pollution alone are between 50 to 80 billion dollars. The health costs associated with these impacts costs us tremendously.

Another issue concerning health is when care is readily available but someone can not get to it. Some people struggle to find reliable means of transportation. People may find themselves missing appointments or growing health problems simply because they do not have a way to get there or back. When there is a need for a doctor’s visit but it has to wait until there is an emergency, is an issue that creates higher health concerns and is more costly.

There needs to be a healthier investment for transportation that provides convenient alternatives, especially for very populated traffic times, such as work.  A transportation system that creates connectivity and social interaction. This would not only offset the health concern and costs but would create benefits.

Hytch has been created to help reduce these issues. We have made it possible to connect with the community around you so that carpooling together can be a breeze. Hytch would help to reduce health concerns and costs by reducing stress related to traffic and transportation. Carpooling is a very cost-effective way to create fewer cars on the road. Using this app would reduce air pollution and traffic accidents, allowing the health costs/concerns to go down. Hytch would also give the opportunity for those who do not have reliable transportation someone to ride with.

What are you waiting for, download today so you too can start sharing the ride!