Intern Feature Friday | Conner Grimes

As an intern for Hytch this spring, I have been given the opportunity to write a blog post about my experience with the company. I have been an intern for about two months, but have already learned a great deal about the company, as well as the business world in general. This internship has taught me many things that I will hit on in this article.


I first learned about Hytch in a class that I was taking at Lipscomb University. A student in that class was involved with Hytch and would give presentations on the company as part of a project. This is when I became interested in Hytch. This new method of business through apps has always intrigued me, and this was another example of how apps are being used to better everyday lives and solve problems. I always thought the idea of Uber or Lyft was a brilliant business plan, and when I heard of Hytch, that same thought popped into my mind.

That following semester, it was time to apply for an internship. After doing some research, I saw that Hytch was looking for a social media marketing intern. This lined up perfectly with my major, so I applied for the position. This lead to phone calls and interviews that eventually got me the job. From there, I joined the team and began to dig into the social media marketing of this company. One of the main things that this internship is teaching me is how to work in a team. I am one of four interns, and we have bosses and other positions that make up our marketing team. With this team, we are able to accomplish big tasks and work together to get many things done. We all have different roles, but they all play off of eachother and we rely on our teammates to achieve success.

Another thing that this internship has taught me is how a business works over the internet. Since Hytch is an app, the business side of things is run differently from a traditional business. Much of the work is done remotely, and out in the field. This includes app testing as well as promotions and other events and surveys. This is a very unique way of business that keeps all of the employees responsible and on their toes for new opportunity.

Like I said, I have only been an intern with Hytch for a month, but I have already learned a good bit. I cannot wait to see what the future holds with the potential that this company has to offer. The internet is becoming bigger every day, and Hytch is capitalizing on the opportunity to use it to better the everyday lives of commuters.