Intern Feature Friday | Tess MacCurdy

Hello! My name is Tess MacCurdy. I am a native Nashvillian currently attending Northeastern University in Boston, MA as a sophomore. I am a Communication Studies major with a minor in Sociology and I am aiming to work in the Marketing and Advertising industry.


I am extremely passionate about social change, serving others, and the environment, which made this internship position perfect for me. At Hytch, I am so grateful to be working in the field of my choice while attaining a higher goal, reducing traffic for the Nashville community and reducing carbon emissions in the environment. Growing up in Nashville, I have witnessed the exponential growth over the past 19 years. It is visible even now with the amount of construction cranes speckling the city skyline. Having growth in the city can be a positive thing but along with it comes a clear traffic congestion problem that needs a solution within the next few years.

 While I have only been working for about a month, I have already learned so much about the industry and what it means to build a company from the ground up. Before, I was completely unaware of how a business becomes successful. Now, I have gained so much experience in growing a social media presence, researching competing companies and campaigns, utilizing the local community, and so much more that I could not begin to fit on this page.

 I can imagine that if you are reading this you are already familiar with the app. However, if you are not, you should truly check it out. While Hytch is going through somewhat of a transition phase at the moment, our goal is clear and in sight. No matter what technical glitches or obstacles, the Hytch team is very passionate about reducing traffic and carbon emissions and will always work towards these goals. Already the company has grown so much and will continue to be successful as all the new changes roll through very soon.

In my short time at this company, I can already see a bright future ahead and will continue to enjoy my time interning for the rest of the summer! Thanks for tuning in!