Hytch Intern Feature Friday

Today is the first of our Intern Feature Friday! Check out Chelsea's story and more about her role on the team!!

Hello, My name is Chelsea Brenner, I am a senior at Middle Tennessee State University and  am interning with Hytch through the Spring of 2017. My major is Industrial/Organizational Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. While interning with Hytch, the team has really matched my skills and intended career path with what they need to further their business development. I am very thankful that we all have tasks as a group and projects of our own. This type of internship gives all of us interns the ability to grow in our interests and skills, as well as, step outside our comfort zone to govern ourselves. There is always communication. Questions are encouraged and direction is there if we ask for it. I feel they really want to hear our ideas and see what we can come up with. This not only helps them but helps us develop also. During this internship, we are developing our skills and interests, team building, time management, computer skills, and opening our minds to what it’s like to build a business.

One of the bigger projects I am personally working on is Hytch’s new hire/intern orientation. For my intended career path in I/O Psychology, we work on training and development. Creating an orientation helps me gain first-hand experience and in-sight to what I plan on doing after graduation. The career I am leaning towards also consists of using and creating tests and surveys for feedback. We have been working on user’s feedback through a survey. We are going to survey employees during our partnership with Goodwill, as well.

It has also been great being able to work from home. With school and a new baby, being able to work from home has helped me not to stress out about work. We have meetings and office hours that we made ourselves, so the hours are so flexible. I think it helps to create a good work-life balance, as well. Each person decides their hours and when they want to work as long as we are meeting our deadlines and all can get together for weekly debriefing meetings. It is nice for me because I have to take breaks for my son, so can work on and off all day and am able to get my goals accomplished for the day but at my own pace. I am really excited that I am included in the growth of this company and that is probably the best part.