Hytch Is Green

Greenhouse gases allow heat from the sun to enter the planets atmosphere and then trap that heat in the atmosphere. This makes the planet warmer. Throughout history, there have been instances where greenhouses gases have been created naturally by the planet through volcanoes or other means. However, over the course of the last 150 years since the Industrial Revolution humans have contributed an alarming amount of Greenhouse gases which most scientists believe are artificially warming the planet.  

Transportation in the United States represents as much as 26% of Greenhouse gas emissions. Hytch's mission is to take as many cars off of the road as possible. This will result in several benefits including reduced emissions, reduced traffic, faster commutes, cheaper commutes, greater employment, and affordable housing by allowing commuters to move farther from metropolitan areas while still working there.

In the Greater Nashville Area alone, congestion is expected to skyrocket over the next 20 years. This means longer commutes, more greenhouse gases, and more struggles for local communities. 

2010 Congestion in Nashville Area

2035 Projected Congestion

Hytch is here to help

At Hytch, we know that taking approximately 1500 cars off of the road on a congested highway can be the equivalent of building another lane. If we can get 3000 people on every major road to share the ride we can build lanes without having to send BILLIONS of dollars on infrastructure. We believe that the people can help protect our environment and clear our roads in a matter of days instead of a matter of years. So, consider sharing the ride with a neighbor, friend, or colleague. Use Hytch to meet a new friend who has a similar commute today!