Frequently Asked Questions

Matching with friends, neighbors and co-workers increases the chance you have important things in common.  Matching with other students who also attend Lipscomb may increase the chance you share something in common in terms of faith.  Tools available to you to discover connections include use of chat system where you can share class schedule and interact, plus review of their self description on the "bio" section of the user profile.


+ Can I designate Lipscomb students only as my driver?

Hytch creates group codes for our authorized partners. We are in the process of implementing a group code for members of the Lipscomb community so that when you create a trip you can make sure that you only match and ride with other members of the Lipscomb commmunity.

+ Will the driver accept credit/debit card payment?

Yes. The driver will integrate their bank information so that riders can reimburse the driver automatically through the app with a credit card payment.

+ What does Hytch or Lipscomb do to guarantee safe and reliable transportation?

There are several things in place that contribute to the safety of the application. First, much like other ride sharing platforms, users rate one another in order to ensure a good experience within the application. Second, the application records driver locations during rides so we know who is where while, and only while, they are using the application. Next, our custom partnership code will ensure interactions with a member of your specific community.

+ What does it mean to be a "Certified Driver" on Hytch?

A certified driver is a driver who has uploaded an image of their license and provided Hytch with the information needed to do a motor vehicle record check.

+ What should I expect during a Hytch ride?

You should expect to meet an awesome member of your community, have fun, share the ride, save the environment, save money, and get to where you're going safely and quickly!


+ How many parking spots are reserved for Hytch users?

There are currently 5 Lipscomb spots reserved for Hytch users.

+ How do I split Hytch ride fares with a split payment?

Currently, you can't split the ride fare with other riders but you can negotiate a lower rate with your driver to share the cost.

+ How much are Hytch drivers paid?

Hytch drivers are reimbursed for the cost of the drive at no more than 54 cents / mile.

+ How do Hytch drivers get paid?

The application will direct deposit payments into driver checking accounts after a payment is made by a driver. Please allow 1-2 business days for the payment to appear in your account.

+ What are the benefits of driving for Hytch?

Drivers benefit by meeting new members of the community, cutting the cost of their commute, saving the environment, and reducing traffic.

+ How often do I have to use Hytch if I choose to be a certified driver?

We know personal schedules are everchanging and affect commute plans. However when you Hytch it is up to you, but you are committed to you rider when you do. If you need to change plans, cancelations are to be communicated to the rider as early on as possible to provide time for adjustments.

+ How do I contact Hytch if I need help?

Users can email or call 615-581-1313