Frequently Asked Questions.

+ Hytch.Me brings fans, friends & neighbors together to share their daily commute.

People you know and trust use Hytch to conveniently find their social network friends, coworkers and folks with mutual interests and similar commutes to match up and share the ride. Hytch helps you build and leverage your social and personal network for carpooling to the office, to events or for long distance trips.

  • You follow the same people out of your neighborhood every day.
  • You follow the same people home after work.
  • Make the most of a drive that's happening anyway.
  • Build your Clique to support a greener commute with fewer cars on the road and get to work or back home more relaxed.

+ Made in Music City: Hytch.Me.

The creative class in Nashville is hard at work and having fun. Together we share ideas, create music, shape healthcare companies, build communities and so many other countless pay-it-forward acts, like helping friends get the kids to after-school activities or picking up a gallon of milk for the neighbor. With limited mass transit options, we share the road everywhere we go. Why write a blues song about our traffic sorrows when we can work together and fix it instead! Hytch is the solution, created to manage communication, coordination and seamless payment inside an application that you download free on Android or iOS.

+ Where is Hytch Available?

Our launch market is Tennessee but the app can be downloaded anywhere within the United States.

+ Driving to work?

Don't be "that guy" in the carpool lane at rush hour with ONLY YOU in the car. With Hytch, match your commute with your neighbors, work associates, Facebook friends, and mutual friends you pick up along the way—your Clique. With Hytch, get to know your Clique better while sharing the cost of gas and wear-n-tear on your vehicle. With Hytch, get once-a-year third-party documentation of the miles you’ve driven and the money you’ve been paid so you’ll have no income tax liability for commuting expense reimbursement.

+ Need a ride to work?

Gas, parking, insurance, emissions, stress … It costs a small fortune to own a car. Those costs go up when you drive it too! The Hytch community is your straight shot to savings and a new-found freedom. It’s door-to-door carpooling, without multiple stops or surge pricing. The most convenient and affordable trip is the trip you share. The people driving you around are your Facebook friends or friends of friends within your own social network. Now they're in your "Clique," when you add them in Hytch and grow your transportation options. Communicate with your Clique (all your peeps) using Hytch, get notified when drivers are leaving, see them moving on our map system for arrival information, and enjoy peace of mind.

+ How much is it?

When you think you need your car for personal flexibility, consider also if you might volunteer to make yourself available to drive another Hytch friend. You decide. On the flip side, schedule a Hytch ride when that’s more convenient (and you want to keep the miles off your odometer). Hytch rides cost 54 cents / mile for your passenger to pay by calculating the miles driven at the end of the trip.

Hytch suggests the cost of the trip based on a $.54 cents/mile reimbursement rate. You can reimburse a driver at this maximum rate within the application. Hytch charges an additional $1.00 per ride (that is how we keep our own motor running). Transactions must be a minimum of 50 cents to cover processing costs.

+ Why do companies sponsor Hytch?

Smart employers are looking for ways to Act Now to address congestion at peak drive times, reduce their carbon footprint and ease their employees’ stress levels. Companies sponsoring Hytch help you find associates and friends — your Clique — already heading in the same direction. It’s not a universe of random drivers. Your Clique is full of other parents, your friends, coworkers and neighbors, hopping in the car together with the help of our automated and sustainable transportation solution. With Hytch, you get windshield time to network, mentor, socialize and chill before and after work.

+ I'm a driver. How does it work?

  1. DOWNLOAD Hytch: Make an account and start swiping to connect with other users right away. To receive reimbursement for rides, set up a Stripe Account through the application under the account settings tab.
  2. CHAT to coordinate: Once you have matched with a rider who has a similar commute you will be able to coordinate the details of your trip via the chat tool in the application. Details to coordinate include when and where you will pick them up and where you will drop them off.
  3. “ON MY WAY”: When you are leaving to pick up your rider click the “on my way” button tab in the chat window of the application and share your location information.
  4. “I’M HERE”: Once you have arrived at your rider’s location let them know by sending a push notification in the app.
  5. “START MY RIDE”: Once the rider is in the car, click the “start my ride” button and go.
  6. “END MY RIDE”: At the end of the ride, click the “end my ride” button and the app will provide you and your rider with an estimated cost of the trip based on the miles driven and the federal cost/mile rate.
  7. Your rider can then easily reimburse you in two clicks and help with the cost of their ride.

+ Are Hytch drivers contractors or employees of Hytch?

Nope. These are your friends. Hytch is your social network app for organizing your transportation. Hytch drivers have their own Stripe account and payment goes from a passenger directly to their account.

+ I want to carpool with Hytch. How can I do that?

Download the app, sign in with Facebook, enter your home and work address, and start swiping on people who have a similar commute. If there is a mutual match, simply chat with your potential partner, develop rapport, negotiate details, and share the ride. Who knows, maybe you've made a friend for life!

+ Is it safe?

Hytch matches you with friends, coworkers, and neighbors, giving you the opportunity to develop rapport, identify mutual friends, and develop trust before sharing the ride. Our application has a robust rating system designed to provide the best and safest experience for all our users — Riders and Drivers alike.

+ What is the rating system

After users ride with one another they are able to rate each other so other users can make an informed decision about who to ride with. If a users rating drops too low, they will be removed from the application. Hytch does this to maintain a quality experience. Users who are reported or frequently rated low are removed from our matching functions.

+ What if my ride cancels?

Hytch is designed so users can develop multiple carpooling options by selecting possible matches. If your ride cancels, simply reach out to an alternative match who has a similar commute. We recommend having a plan B in place for the first two times that you share the ride with a new transit partner.

+ When can my "match" see my location?

Riders and Drivers are able to see one another's location when the driver is on the way and during the course of the trip. Our user's privacy is important to us so we do not share location information among users outside of the context of that trip.

+ Are there backround checks?

No. Hytch provides a platform where individuals can initiate contact within known social circles for the purpose of sharing transportation. We do not provide advice as to what type of individual is a suitable travel companion. This is entirely your responsibility.

+ What is the difference between you and other services like Uber or Lyft?

Hytch is designed for users with a consistent, longer commute who want to ride with people they know to places they go routinely. Uber and Lyft compete with taxis. Ride-For-Hire services are great to get around on short movements in urban environments for "on demand" trips. Few can afford Uber for longer and consistent driving to work. They set a price, dispatch a driver, take your money and pay nice strangers for using their car. Hytch does not set the price, pick the driver or pay drivers. YOU DO. Hytch provides the lowest cost transportation solution on the market.

+ How do riders pay drivers?

The application has Stripe integration. Stripe is a very common tool that developers use to allow app users to exchange money. In order to receive money - you will have to set up a stripe account and enter several fields of information. Don't worry, you'll only have to do this once. If you are just riding, you will be able to set up a debit or credit card in the app.