Clarksville to Lipscomb - Every Day Carpool

Our military service men and women understand the value of teamwork, the benefit of shared sacrifice and the success that comes from working together for a common goal.  Veterans at Lipscomb bring those values to the university when they become "Yellow Ribbon" students.  As they complete their degree, growing as both citizen and soldier, the University grows too.  A thriving school with more people engaged offers you a great learning environment, but when everyone brings their car to campus, it's presents a real problem.  

Our shared goal is a common question these days: How do we get more students to campus without cars?

With creativity and teamwork, we think the answer is simple -- share the ride.

It's time for some GOOD OLD FASHIONED CARPOOLING and it doesn't even require a sacrifice!  

Nashville traffic is finally at the point that we all feel the pain.  Two people in a car is better than one.

Uber and Lyft don't help students living in Clarksville, trains don't exist and we appreciate the need for a car as our most practical transportation.  We also recognize how hard it is to coordinate consistent rides.  

To solve that problem, Lipscomb is introducing Hytch.  For Apple and Android phones, is a free ride sharing application designed to be your match maker so carpooling can be easy.   All you have to do is "Download, Match, Ride and Repeat" and over time, you'll become a resource for your friends, neighbors and co-workers or fellow students.  You can ride or drive or both!  Lipscomb is also making it easier to find a parking spot by setting aside spaces to reward people who use Hytch to share a ride to campus. 

Working together for a common goal, students who use Hytch are building a flexible train of shared rides from Clarksville to Nashville and back each day.   Two people in the car makes time fly anyway.


Live. Ride. Share.

It often seems like we have a million options when it comes to transportation today. We can buy a car, rent a car, call a cab, take the bus, request an Uber or Lyft, and more.  However, when it comes to transportation it is seldom that we consider an option that was once so common. Carpooling.

Why is it that we aren't carpooling like we used to? Is it because we like the freedom of our own car? Are our neighbors and coworkers strangers that we don't have the energy to reach out to, create a relationship with, and engage on a level that would encourages us to share the ride? Perhaps it's because we simply don't know anyone with a similar enough commute to make carpooling worthwhile.

That's why we made Hytch. Hytch is a carpooling app dedicated to pairing people together who have a similar commute so they can carpool. It's perfect for companies, neighbors, and every day commuters because it allows users to enter their home and work address and see who else is going the same way. If a rider and a driver match with one another they can chat, develop rapport, see mutual friends, and share the ride. 

But what's the difference between something like Uber or Lyft and Hytch? Uber/Lyft are ride services that pay a contracted driver to give rides. These rides are very convenient for riders who are taking short and unpredictable trips; trips that used to be perfect for calling a cab. On the other hand, Hytch is designed to pair people together who have a similar regular commute of a greater distance. While Lyft and Uber are affordable for infrequent short trips Hytch is an at cost way to go a long way regularly. Riders pay no more than 54 cents per mile and drivers are able to mitigate the cost of their regular commute by picking up someone who is already conveniently on the way.

So, go to your app store and download Hytch.Me. You may be surprised to see who goes the same way as you every day. Life's a ride. Share it!