1. June 10 Android Build ENTER ACCESS CODE 148453

Bugs Purportedly Fixed:

  • HYTCH-69 App crash on marshmallow
  • HYTCH-32 Click on Invite friends search friend and click on send button app crash
  • HYTCH-2 Client > The age of users is not always correct.
  • HYTCH-80 On add card details terms and conditions message shouldn't be there
  • HYTCH-9 Client > We have developed the website from our end so the wordpress site is no longer relevant. All of the internal links will have to be adjusted acordingly.
  • HYTCH-10 Client >The video link was sent via email - this video needs to be embedded in the app in the video section.
  • HYTCH-46 When we create new trip and click on trip name not able type we need to click on edit sign.
  • HYTCH-50 App setting screen text color is different

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